I met Sarah at a time when I was quite sure there was a different path for me, but I could not find the entrance. She told me she ran yoga classes. As a busy school principal, it took me a while to get to my first one, and I knew, right away, that this was the entrance.

Sarah guides gently with her healing voice, her wise words, and her knowing. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Sarah has introduced me to myself, and my new beautiful, bountiful, blissful life. I am so grateful for her.


Sarah helps me, find me.

I walk in the door for a yoga class and I fall in love with this amazing body of mine. I sit in meditation class and find myself connected to the energetic whole. I join with my community of women at The Gathering and I see myself, every version of myself, and I am supported, accepted and loved. Nia Dance is where I have again found joy, laughter and that little spark of sexiness which makes me walk a little taller, smile into other’s eyes and laugh a little easier.

Sarah is the keystone, the catalyst, my mentor and my friend. Through her work at Cura-Life – she sees me and I am no longer invisible.


I’m still coming down from this most amazing weekend. What these women have created is world changing. And no, I’m not being over enthusiastic!

They are bringing together women who are lighting up, shining a way for others in a profoundly gentle and transformative way.

I have so much love and so much to say about what they are doing!!! It was a deep honour be a part of this creation! I am incredibly humbled and completely blessed!!


Meeting Sarah and the Cura team has changed my life for the better. I walked into Cura Life after I had been diagnosed with anxiety and stress. Refusing medications, I knew there had to be something better. Cura Life was it! And now I feel amazing and I still have so much to learn. The only way is up.


Having never tried yoga before, I decided to attend the one day yoga course. It was so fantastic!
Sarah is an amazing teacher and yoga instructor who made me feel totally at ease, and also accommodated my need to bring my little baby. I have been attending the new life classes since, and it’s such a welcoming and lovely environment. If you want to try yoga, i highly recommend Sarah.


Lovely, welcoming studio in Gatton. There are different levels offered and you are always supported if you need that little bit of extra help in the more challenging classes. Great for after-work stress relief, and all equipment supplied too! Would definitely recommend.


It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, for so long I’ve had this ridiculous stereotypical thinking that yoga isn’t for men but it’s the best remedy for everything. Strengthening all those muscles you forget about. Stretching regularly and no more extra expenses on anything for lower back pain. Stress release and so much more… Thank you Sarah and Renee, you have created a beautiful atmosphere and definitely a place for everyone, so just because you think it’s a women thing, think again and come along, you won’t regret it!


Starting Yoga last year was one of the best things I have ever done for my health! It helped me enormously with back/neck pain, my anxiety, sleep and overall well-being! I really notice the difference when I haven’t been for a week or two and miss it! Sarah is by far the best yoga teacher anyone could ask for and if you have been thinking of going, don’t think any longer just go! You won’t regret it!


Nia is so much more than just dancing! It’s finding your heart, connecting your mind and body whilst having more fun than you would think possible! But above all, it’s realising that we live in a wonderful community of beautiful friendly people who aren’t afraid to let go and have fun! The only possible down side would be is there is only 3 classes a week! If you haven’t been you are missing something truly special! Thank you Sarah and Cura Life for making me a better person!


Sarah, I can’t find words to describe your presence in my life. You’re are transformational, a being of light. The kindness, generosity and acceptance of everyone you touch is the most inspiring thing I have ever seen in a person.


Sarah is strong, soulful and I love that she accepts everyone for who they are with no judgement, she is born to lead and teach, and is so passionate about healing the mind, body and soul.


Nia transforms on so many levels. An environment where you can truely be yourself and let go, whilst being surrounded by beautiful people. Sarah is amazing! Nia is my favourite time of the week. Your fears melt away in the Joy of ecstatic movement.